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You are on your way to chatting with single gay men looking for a same sex relationship. UltraCupid provides a special gay men dating site service option for singles who are serious about finding a same sex relationship. Sound good? Then this is the online dating site for you.

Thousands of single men have joined UltraCupid dating site to meet somebody looking for love and find new friendships while seeking life time partners. Singles have joined in your area and from around the world looking for a long-term connection with somebody special.

Single Gay Men Dating

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There is a lot we could tell you but to save you time we have chosen some of the highlights.

Works everywhere

All you need is an internet connection and you are ready to go. Our dating site will run fast and is ready for you at different internet connection speeds to save you time.


A healthy relationship often starts with a good conversation and we have you covered. Start chatting to your matches and get to know them using the message system.

International or local

Find matches from all around the world and find local singles living in your home town or other areas near you. The choice is yours. You can change your preferences at any time.

You have options

You can enable or disable email notifications, modify your profile details, change your match preferences and modify photos to keep your profile fresh.


Searching for your matches and starting a conversation is fast and simple. You can like the profiles of another person to inform them you are interested.


UltraCupid will display on your phone or tablet device as if it was made for it because it was. You can also use a desktop or large screen. We are device friendly any way you need.


You have arrived at the online dating site to meet single men, find your next date or life partner. Join now  and enjoy your experience with free access to search the listings, like members who interest you and start conversations.

You only need to upgrade when you wish to send unlimited messages and other premium features.


Join now and use our special matching system to find a same sex relationship. We make is easy. You select your gender as male and the gender you are seeking as male and your matches will be found for you. You will only see other men looking for a relationship with a man and will not be bothered by people not interested in men. This well let you use the service as a gay dating site to find your ideal man.


There are people using UltraCupid.com living in other countries who wish to meet singles living in another country. You can meet singles looking for a relationship living in the country you desire by changing your match preference to a country overseas.


Meet singles online with most modern devices.  This website works with most popular phones and  tablets. You can use a phone, tablet or full size computer to have easy access to messages and contacts on the dating site at all times.

Some features include real-time chat. You can chat with your matches when you are online or reply to their messages so they can read them, and reply later and likes so you can show another member you are interested in them. You can update your profile and photos when things in your life change so people always find a match for what your current relationship interests are. All of this can be done from all mentioned devices.