Find a Wife in The Philippines


Hello guys. I am reaching out to those of you who generally want to find a wife in the Philippines.

Avoid Filipina Who only Want Your Money

After chatting for a while, you may find that a Filipina you are talking to is asking for money. Maybe they need a load top-up for their prepaid phone, assistance with family issues, or cash to sustain them. 

To play it safe, I recommend you don't send any money to any girl in the Philippines for 6 to 12 months until you know her well. If she leaves you in that time for another man, then you know it was never genuine, and her goals were financial. The first time she asks, you can decide if you will send her a little bit if it is a small amount you can afford. This will be a test to see if she wants you for money or not. If it goes a long time before she asks again, then she could be the real deal, but if she asks for more shortly after you send the first lot, then you need to be careful. Be careful if you answer her request, and the amounts get more substantial, or she finds more reasons why she needs money.

Many single ladies in the Philippines will not be working, but there are a lot of hard-working women in the Philippines who have jobs or some income. You will find a lot of younger Filipino girls are studying. There is a chance the women who are studying will graduate and find a job, but you will need to decide if you are willing to wait until they are working. Ask them questions, and be sure they have intentions to find a job. If excuses why they can't find a job mount up, then be careful.

Look for a Filipino with Strong Family Values

Filipino culture is very family orientated. They often have many children, and a family could consist of 7 or more kids.

If a woman is originally from a province or an island a long way from a large city, she may move to work. But she will still maintain close ties to her family. If you want to have a family with your future wife, then make sure she understands the value of family ties. Fortunately, family ties amongst Filipino women are common.

If you are the sort of man who doesn't want to meet the family until you are committed to be married, then you should explain this upfront. But if you even want to have a family, then you still need to be sure she values family and wants to raise a family with you if you ever want to do that. Many Filipina will want you to meet her family and if this is the case, you could have met a good girl.

Take Your Time and Choose Your Wife Carefully

You are looking for a partner for life. Don't make the decision in a hurry. Spend time talking to her and getting to know her. Ask questions and decide if what she wants in a relationship is what you can offer her. Also, make sure what she is willing to contribute to a relationship is what you need.

Be aware of her goals and the reason why she wants to be with a foreign man. There will always be an opportunity for her, but you need to be sure that your marriage will last after she achieves her other goals. 

Don't make her any promises until you have met in person, and you are both sure you are a good couple.

Asses if You Need to Take Her Back to Your Country

If it is your goal to retire in the Philippines, it may not be necessary to bring your Filipina wife to your country. When she gets to your country, she will start to adopt the values of your culture and become more like the women in your country.

If you want to live with her in your country, you need to spend longer establishing your relationship. Be sure she is really devoted to you as her husband. Do not be in a hurry to bring her to your country. A good Filipina wife will never rush you into taking her to your country even if it is her wish to be with you in your country.


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