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Meeting Online Takes More Than Just Swiping

Time and time again, I see comments that dating sites don't work, people saying they aren't getting anywhere with online dating apps. Let me bring you in on a little secrete. Finding a date takes effort. I will say that again. Finding a date takes effort.

Break The Swipe, Like and Wait Habit

The emerging trend with dating sites is to use the photo swiping feature to find matches and like the people who interest you and ignore the people who don't appeal. But how many people who you find interesting are you contacting?

A person on a dating app can receive hundreds of likes each day, and most apps will send them the same notification each time they receive a like on their profile. When an app is sending the same like notifications to every member, it means you will not stand out amongst the other people who have also liked their profile. Sure you may have a fantastic profile picture that people love, but you won't be the only one who has excellent photos.

You will notice yourself that you get a message saying somebody has liked you, someday in interested in you, but how long will you be excited about receiving these notifications? Maybe a few days.

Make a Positive Change to Find Your Next Date

Now it is time to make a change and separate yourself from the large numbers of people who will be ignored and think about communicating with the other members you wish to meet. Send them a message introducing yourself, telling them what you are looking for on this dating app and remember to mention you would love to hear from them and look forward to their reply. Writing a message will show the other people you are serious. You can also read their profile and reference one of their interests to show them you are paying attention to the effort they made when they completed their profile.

I am not suggesting you stop swiping and liking members, because you could get lucky doing that, but when you see somebody that looks like they will be a good match for you, don't dismiss them with a simple button press and swipe on with hope they notice your like amongst all the others. Take the initiative and contact them. You never know where a simple hello can lead.