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Meet Your Date for The First Time

After you have been chatting online for a while, you will want to meet somebody in person to strengthen the relationship. If you have already taken communications off our dating app to your chosen messenger or communications app, you will have given yourself a chance to know them very well before you meet in person. Still, we suggest you follow some simple, sensible first meet tips for your first in-person meet.

First Meet Tips for Your First In-person Meet

  • Always meet in a public place. We recommend you meet in an area that is open to the public and is frequently visited by a lot of other people.
  • Don't bring your friends. The first meeting is the chance to bond with the person face to face. Do not bring your friends with you. If you have to bring your dog or other pet, you should tell your date it will be coming before arranging the meeting place, and it may be helpful to explain to them why you need to bring your pet on your first meeting with them.
  • Be willing to leave. If the person you will be meeting is not what you expected or is offensively talking to you or other people, and their behaviour makes you uncomfortable then be ready to go. Sometimes people have a different attitude when they meet in person, or you may not have noticed their personality traits that make you uncomfortable when chatting online.
  • Don't share financial status or investment information. Even if you feel your meet is going well, the first meet is not the time to talk about your financial wealth or existing investments. You can talk about your job and career goals, but not how much money, shares, investments you have.
  • Have fun and relax. Your first meet can be the start of something special between you both so take the time to enjoy the company of your date and allow them to enjoy your company too.