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5 Ways to Overcome Long-Distance Relationship 

Ways to Overcome Long-Distance Relationship  Obstacles

Long-distance relationships are the hardest relationships to maintain. There are several obstacles that you need to overcome to make the work. We will look at some of the issues and suggest how to address each issue.

No Physical Contact

Having a long-distance relationship the most obvious obstacle is having physical contact with your partner most of the time. No hugs, no kissing and no intimate embraces. One way to overcome this is to believe in your partner and believe in the future you can have together. Make plans and talk about them so you both know there is a time that this will happen one day.

Inconsistent Internet or Phone Connection

Not all internet connections are the same. Some people have very bad reception and some people can only get online from a set location such as their work wi-fi or public wi-fi and do not have Internet at home. One way to overcome this is to make an effort to find an internet hot spot or café at a regular time and talk to your partner. Ideally, you need to have the internet at home or on your phone so you can have private and uninterrupted conversations regularly for a relationship to flourish. When both people in a relationship are dedicated to making the relationship happen then you can make it work. But the more communication you have, the easier it will be for both of you.

New Love and Multiple Communications

If you are in a new long-distance relationship it is important to establish the rules. Are you in the introduction stage and accepting your partner is also talking to other prospective partners or are you exclusive and agree not to keep looking? This needs to be made clear and agreed on so nobody gets hurt. The best way to resolve this is to have a conversation about it with your partner. There are many cultures where dating more than one person is considered an insult but in other cultures, you are only dating until it gets serious enough to be exclusive. So talk about it and agree on the arrangement between the two of you.

Easy to Ignore, Block and Mute When There is Tension

Relying on the internet for communication make is very easy to avoid, block and mute people. When you have an argument or tension with somebody online then this is can often seem like an easy way to prevent it from getting work. But wait! You love them right? or you feel you want to love them and it is heading towards being exclusive. So what should you do? Talk about the issues and find a solution, don't give up, push on and work around your disagreement as much as you can.

Losing Patience and Getting Restless

A long-distance relationship can sometimes feel like it is never going to end. You can't be near the one who occupied your heart all day every day and this can cause frustrations. A good way to help this is always communication and also making plans that can lead to resolving what ever is causing the issue. Plan a holiday to see each other or make plans to be together forever. the decision is between you and your partner but be patient and push on with and come up with a solution with your partner.