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COVID-19 Dating Site Best Practices for Online Dating

COVID-19 Dating - Best Practices

Use our chat system to introduce yourself and communicate with new matches..

Use your own video chat app and get to know people better when you both feel you are well matched. Please get to know people using the UltraCupid.com dating site first before you talk to them off-site.

Take the time to know your new match using video chat. You can meet in person when it is safe.


    Online dating during the COVID-19 pandemic does not need to be difficult. The main restriction is meeting a person overseas is the travel restrictions. Chatting to people online and using a dating site is still a good way to connect with new people from around the world.

    Meeting local singles on our dating site is still easy during these times. The main restrictions are going to going to public events and going our to meet them in person. You can still chat online and get to know each other until it is safe to arrange a meet in person.

    Some states and countries may keep their borders closed for a long time but we should follow the rules and hope for these restriction to be lifted over time as things improve around the world.

    Stay committed to finding your ideal partner and take your time and get to know people online during the travel and social restriction time so when you can meet in person the relationship is already solid and well underway..